Sunday, March 6, 2011

Chicago Bound?

Yes, yet another "I'm still alive" post.
After waiting 5 months to get my van back from Burd Ford (okay, first I towed it in to Paul Harvey Ford but when they went out of business it was towed to Burd Ford in December), it is now again dead on the side of the road. Burd Ford did not fix my van. When I called them after they inherited it, they said they'd fix it. When I called them Friday after picking it back up, they said it was fixed. When it kicked out in the exact way it originally kicked out, I realised it was not fixed.
Burd Ford can suck my toe.

Having my ability to get to and from work and school directly tied to having a vehicle doesn't work for me. I didn't have my driver's license until I was 19 (and then only had got it so I could drive to Milwaukee and get a tattoo before I turned 21) and didn't own my own car until I was 23 or 24.
Indianapolis, however, only has the choice of driving, walking a mile or so to the bus, driving, getting a ride from someone, driving, paying 40 bucks for a taxi, driving, or driving.
When it comes to getting to work, the only option is driving.
Seriously, an 8 mile taxi ride to work today is going to cost me about 40 bucks. 40 bucks!? I could get all the way to O'Hare from The Loop for 40 bucks!!

I guess if I had the money to fix my car, rent something for the time that it's in the shop, and pay today's taxi, everything would be fine.
But Steve, my significant other, lost his job in January and still has no income. He has been denied unemployment benefits, refuses to sign up the various assistance programs available to the unemployed, and is no closer to getting a job than he was in January.
After several hits to my bank account, I'm simply out of money and likely won't be able to pay for whatever repair my vehicle needs. Or I could pay for the repair but the electricity would be shut off, I'd lose my phone, have nothing to eat and probably get evicted next month for non-payment.

Once I talk to my teachers and see if I can Skype in to class from Chicago (I'm only in 2 classes... Foundations and Printmaking), I'm likely putting my tail between my legs and slinking back to Chicago.
That means no more school. No more work toward getting to Ryerson University. No more dreams of working in a museum's archives. Just hair. Hair and makeup. Hair and makeup until I'm old, arthritic, and bitter from being alone every G. D. holiday.

With as much as I love Chicago, you'd think I'd be happy about this decision but I'm not. I'm f'in pissed that I have to make these kind of decisions out of desperation. I'm pissed that I have to, again, put my dreams on hold... probably forever.
I am happy though, that I made the decision 8 years ago that broadcast journalism wasn't for me and I learned how to do hair. It would be a lot harder to move around like this and work my way through school while trying to work at a radio station. With the way federal funding for public broadcasting is in peril, I'm pretty happy I'm working in a vanity industry during one of the most vain times in history. Go me. Or whatever.

So that's whats up. Maybe soon I'll have some great beauty shit to talk about but I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you.