Monday, November 8, 2010


On Wednesday, I start my new job!

When I was still in Chicago, I worked for the Benefit Brow Bar at Ulta in Arlington Hts. It was awesome. I loved the job and actually cried when I had to tell my boss that I was moving to Indianapolis. But I found a job that had promised me everything I could ever want - central location, exclusivity, pricing structure for extension services, plans for expansion, and brides brides BRIDES!

Sadly, tragically really, none of that came to pass. There were weeks where I had only 2 clients. Not that I was horrible and only had 2 clients, but that only 2 people came in to the salon while I was on shift. Then I got cut to 9 hours from 25 because of some odd personal beef. Then I came to see that that odd personal beef was a result of my boss' paranoia. Then I came to see that my boss' paranoia was a result of her cocaine use. Then it dawned on me that her boyfriend, that spent every day in the salon, was dealing cocaine.

Then I walked out and never looked back.

So for a year, I've been looking for a job. I've been putting in almost weekly applications at Supercuts, Great Clips, Regis, Mastercuts, Sport Clip... Each time, expanding my reach further and further... but nothing.
I started getting really super bummed. I thought something was wrong with my computer so I started going in to the salons in person only to be brushed off and pretty rudely told to do an online application (one woman even scoffing, "Well if we wanted you, we would have called you"). Then I started to think something was wrong with me. I got in to a pretty deep funk when I was interviewed, thought I nailed it, was really qualified for every aspect of the job, but got the "we're going with someone else" call...
Thankfully I realised that it was just the job market here and I would have to be patient and wait for things to perk up.

Of course, once I got the flu, I got a flurry of interviews (and I think the constant traveling and being "on" for 4 straight days is what got me hit so hard with the flu). I drove all around this town from south suburbs to north suburbs and sold myself as hard as I could.

Thankfully, it paid off!
I'll be starting at a salon on Wednesday.

It should be good. I've been looking at the chain salons because I have no clients and salons here don't seem to use assistants Note to salons: Assistants are indispensable not only as an asset to your workflow but also to ensure your stylists are properly trained. If you're hiring outside help without promoting your assistants, you're not doing something entirely right.
Anyway, this place is "medium-tier" with a cut and style being $26 and is full service. I'm hoping we can work pricing for specialty services like extensions and eyelashes. Glue-in's around here run about 90 bucks and I can get one done in about 30 min.

The last salon I really gave my all to, I was a certified educator and started working hair shows for manufacturers within 2 years. I think I can really get some work under my belt and really get at something I'll be able to take to Toronto with me rather than starting over again in a few years.

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