Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Review: Bed Head Urban Antidotes Re-energize

Today, I tried out my sample of Bed Head Urban Antidotes Re-energize shampoo and conditioner.
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This stuff came out over the summer (maybe sooner?) but since I've just gotten back into the salon it's pretty new to me . The Urban Antidotes comes in 3 levels depending on your damage:
Re-Energize to hydrate, strengthen, and add shine.
Recovery for dry, coloured hair that needs damage prevention.
Resurrection for weak and brittle hair .

My hair is currently coloured with a semi-permanent vegetable dye. About  a year ago, it was pretty horribly overprocessed and though I had the ends cut off (what didn't break off anyway) and I've done several conditioning treatments,  the dye took very strongly to the ends and has already faded from the healthier hair by my scalp.
Normally it is... well, normal. I don't shampoo it very often so it tends to seem oily, but the rest of my skin goes more toward the dry end of the spectrum. It has a bit of a wave that can spiral in to ringlets but curl never stays. It straightens easily and I use an iron at least twice a week.

If that kinda sounds like your hair too, this stuff is AWESOME!!!

The samples were 1/4 oz and that was the perfect amount. I remember in beauty school being given 1oz "shot glasses" of shampoo but it being of such poor quality that we sometimes had to argue for another full ounce.
The shampoo didn't lather very much at all and I was surprised to find that it has sulfates in it. Usually, sulfate-free shampoos don't have as much suds. Being that Urban Antidotes has colour protecting qualities, I assumed it was sulfate-free (in addition to being very drying for some people, shampoos that use sulfates as their surfactant can fade colour faster than shampoos without).  Even so, it cleansed very nicely in my incredibly hard water.
The conditioner is nice and creamy. It felt light on my hair like a lotion and rinsed away cleanly, but as my hair dried it felt soft and obviously conditioned.

Today in class, we "carved" 50 pound blocks of salt with metal rasps leaving a powdered sugar-fine dusting of salt on my 3-days-since-I-washed-it hair. It really was a torture test on whatever cleanser I used. Urban Antidotes performed admirably. My hair was left feeling bouncy and soft, and my scalp was cleansed but not dried out in the way that seems to make me oilier in the end.

Bottom line: would recommend. Excellent value and performance.

This product was a free sample found at the salon I'm working at.

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