Sunday, December 19, 2010

Hello Kitty Beauty

Verdict: Meh. For more info, keep reading...

Today I checked my email and found the following:
Ah, so the presale ended today... I probably should have looked at my email sooner.

I'm a huge Hello Kitty fan I'm a huge Sanrio fan, with Keroppi being my favourite, but I enjoy Hello Kitty if only for her omnipresence so I figured I'd be pretty stoked for this collection. Maybe it's because I'm pretty broke right now, or maybe it's because I'm in a generally "humbug" mood, but it didn't strike me the way I thought.
Maybe Hello Kitty's omnipresence has finally desensitized me. I mean, we've already had a MAC Hello Kitty collection and if you like bling there's none better than Kimora Lee Simmons' pieces... And Tarina Tarentino. OH TARINA!!
I am so sorry this is on Jeffree Star. You can't deny, though, that he is FAB!!!

But this...
A) Who makes it?
B) Do you really expect us to buy a cosmetic without ever trying it?
C) Why, despite the "launch" at Small Gift, is nobody talking about this?
D) Why are so many products called "Charmmy" when Charmmy Kitty is NOT Hello Kitty, she is KT's pet?

I don't know. I don't know who makes it (though I'm rather sure that Hello Kitty is being licensed from Sanrio, rather than it being produced by Sanrio themselves). I don't know the quality of these cosmetics. And I don't know anything other than they're much more expensive than I would ever pay for such things.

To be honest, I feel like they're marketing toward people with more money than sense who will just see SHINY!!! KAWAII!!! MAKEUP!!! and drop the dollars. I mean, it's not like the diamond pendants or the officially licensed Smart Cars that cost only marginally more than non-branded items.

Ah, whatever. Just have a peek...

It honestly doesn't look like anything special to me... And I went INSANE over MAC's Hello Kitty collection despite my deep, intense loathing of MAC. The one that pisses me off the most is the "Bling Mirror" for 49 dollars. I don't know if it's actually sterling silver or whatever but for 20 bucks I got a couple of Target Dollar Spot mirrors a few cycles ago, some Swarvoski flatbacked rhinestones, and clear epoxy and I had a great time. I pull mine out all the time and people will stop and ask me where I got it - so I don't really see a point in spending 50 buck for something like that.

12 dollars for blotting papers?! Because they have a cartoon cat on them?!
I would like some of the crack they were smoking in that board meeting.

So, no. I don't believe I'll be buying any of the Hello Kitty Beauty products. Depending on the coming reviews of quality, I may pick up some of the nail polish because the bottle is very clever but...
Screencap from Beauty Ambition*, who is quite excited over the collection. you can see, it's nothing special. Even the Pink Sprinkles and Purple Sprinkles look very much like the Katy Perry OPI due out in spring.

Anyway, did YOU buy some this weekend? Leave a message and let me know how it goes for you.


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