Sunday, January 15, 2012

Iiiiiiiiiii'm Baaaaaaack!!!

I've finally gotten my life to a place where I have been able to equalize and get back to enjoyable things. I'm now living somewhere with no nail supply shop and only one Sally Beauty, but I think I'll make do.
In addition to living somewhere safe with people who wish to ensure my success in life, I now live somewhere with several amazing manicure salons. 2 days ago, I went to Pro Nails down the street from my salon. It was pretty solid. Could have had a better massage, but I'm happy about the shape and length of my nails. Even better, my technician Robin made sure to get into those pesky sharp corners.

No, I take that back. Even better, they had Nails Magazine available to read. I disagree with industry publications being available for clients to see, but I guess I'm not really your typical client. In the magazine, I saw an AWESOME advertisement.

I'm so glad that, during my blogging hiatus, I went for the Gelish system. I know it's not as well known as OPI or Shellac, but I don't see them getting magnetic polishes. China Glaze is due to have them out soon but not in gel form. I can't wait to get them and post the results!

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