Monday, January 17, 2011

Markwins wants you to have an awesome prom.

This just came across my facebook:
For many teens who dream of a magical prom, the reality can be disenchanting—low funding can lead to drab decor, dispiriting tunes and disagreeable munchies for a night destined to be remembered in shades of gray. But now Markwins’ wet n wild brand is out to add some color with wet n wild Cares, a nationwide charity program to support proms at 10 deserving high schools.

The charity effort will provide 10 high schools with $1,000 to make their prom dreams a reality. Starting Jan. 21, 2011, schools can enter online at or via email.In a letter, video or however they desire, schools will explain their need and why they deserve a prom sponsorship.

In addition, wet n wild will give the selected schools $1,000 worth of makeup, the company said.

Entries are due by March 4, 2011, and th winning schools will be announced on March 11. They will also be featured on wet n wild's website, which will display photos from the bashes.
I'm going to enter my local high school. Some of the kids are farm kids and alot of the gals I cut hair for are foster children. There's not a lot of money in that school system. I already plan on giving up a day of (really good) wages to volunteer for their "Cinderella" program. 
My prom was... meh... I've never really been a prom person. I went with my Jr. boyfriend my Soph. year and then went with my Sr. boyfriend (not the same dude) my Jr. year but didn't stay the whole time because the local Hooters was giving away Smashing Pumpkins tickets. I think I made the right choice. That boy turned out to be a liar and a cheat and got really ugly. Billy Corgan, on the other hand, still says hi to me when we pass on the street and is not too bad looking for an old, old man. Seriously, Corgan is ancient. He never needs powder on that bald head because it's already covered with a layer of dust. The reason he's been playing louder and harder is because he's too stubborn to buy a new hearing aid. He's so old that when God said, "Let there be light".... Okay, okay. But really, folks, Billy Corgan is deaf. 

Rippin' on Corgan aside, even if I didn't find prom to be worth the rhinestones on my shoes I know that it's the end all for many girls. I'd like to encourage all of you to support your local high schools by donating your unused makeup, giving away your old prom dresses, or by helping the girls get ready for their special day. Talk to the school's guidance councilor (do those even still exist) and he or she can probably help you get together a "Cinderella" program for your area.

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  1. What a great post!! I have so many Prom/Homecoming dresses - went all 4 years - I know, I know....I was "that" girl in high school - BOOOOO! LOL Anyway I will def. look into getting involved in something like this!!
    OH!! I also tagged you in a Stylish Blogger Award!