Saturday, January 1, 2011

Revlon Fire and Ice 2010!

Finally I get around to purchasing the whole collection AND posting about it!
I feel like I'm always a little late to the game. I finished buying the rest of the colours on Christmas at CVS (the only place that was open) and then this week it's absent from the other CVS by my house. Is it already gone?

Anyway, Revlon's Fire and Ice is a redux of a classic 1952 collection. Joining the classic namesake shade is 3 other shade; Demure, Temptress, and Siren. Fire and Ice's companion nail polish is called All Fired Up. I keep feeling like everything is so very familiar, so the whole collection could just be a rebranding.

As you can see from Revlon's site, linked above, the collection includes the retro logo on both the lipstick and the nail polish. Even better, Fire and Ice lipstick was released in a special, "limited edition" (excuse me, could you roll those eyes back to me?) throwback tube. It really was a faithful reproduction of the ones my aunt had sitting on her dresser - except in plastic. I can't complain too much though... Even the throwback tube was the same price as the usual, inline products.

Onward to the colours!


Demure is a very soft, peachy, feminine shade. I haven't seen a single episode of Mad Men (I know, I know... I don't have cable.) but I'm a fan of the Barbie dolls and this seems to be a very Betty Draper colour.


This actually may be Demure, not Temptress... Will change pic and caption as soon as I pull my bottle out.
Temptress is the pink cousin to Demure. This was the only polish I had any coverage problems on. It is a little sheerer. One of the big reasons I use nail wheels for polish swatches instead of my own nails is because of the constant staining from ink, dye, and paint under my nails. You can really see it here.


Siren is a very bold coloured coral. It really doesn't have enough pink in it to call it a coral. It is orange. Siren is orange and it is chic as hell! Notice the nail polish bottle says "NEW COLOUR". Will Siren be available year-round now?

Fire and Ice

Somehow I ended up without a nail polish bottle pic of All Fired Up. What a glam red cream! I really don't have anything else to say about that.

The entire Fire and Ice collection really is an accurate recall to the vintage glam of the 50's. I'm sure it was released right before the holidays in antici...pation of ladies wearing this to all their parties. But do the parties stop on January 1? NO WAY!
If you can find this at your local stores (Meijer and CVS had really nice displays for it, but I didn't see it at all at Walgreens), snap up the entire collection. It really is timeless and very flattering.


  1. Thanks for the swatches! I don't think I can pull Siren off.

  2. I thought it would look horrendous on me, but it's not too bad.
    I think it's a much more summer look. A little siren, a little Georgia blush from Benefit, some hot sunglasses... Yeah!